NFT Collections

I'm just a guy giving my photos a mulligan as collectible digital artwork. What does that mean? It means every piece of art work is based on a photograph I took at some point, and then turned into digital "art".

And once I do, unless it’s part of a broader collection or project (Like the one that I use to feed my amateur hoarder disorder, the MMIO Collection) it has to be categorized somehow, something I prefer to do pretty much based on how weird it is - normal(ish) pieces go into the classic bucket, while the weirder shit get’s tossed into that good ol' catch all for when you don’t know what to call something: 'abstract art'.

Want to see what I mean? Check out each collection below:

Classic Mulligans

Classic Mulligans - A collection with a traditional, everyday kind of approach , made up of pieces of digital art created 100% from my favorite (best? worst? who knows? who cares?) photographs of real people, places, or things that have been edited, color corrected, converted, minted, and offered for sale as NFTs.

Check Out The Classic Mulligans Collection
Abstract Mulligans

Abstract Mulligans - Also a collection made up of digital art created 100% from photographs I took - just less traditonal. Made up of either really weird shit, images with text added for effect, really heavily edited images, some combo of all 3 of those, or even just some weird 'thing' I built that turned out cool enough I thought it was worthy of being minted.

Check Out The Abstract Mulligans Collection
MMIO Collection

The MMIO Collection - A modern day found object cabinet of curiosities consisting of 1,000 Magically Mundane Inanimate Objects (MMIOs) taken on a journey from the physical world into the digital realm and back again, transformed.

Check Out The MMIO Collection