Random pieces of "art"

Random Stuff

Dreaming of Lazy Summer Days
Released 10.29.21
Spider Crab
Released 10.15.21
Beautiful Explosion
Released 10.01.21
Rainbows & Waterfalls
Released 09.17.21
Fields Of Green
Released 09.10.21
Drifting Into The Sunset
Released 09.09.21
Calm Waters Ahead
Released 09.02.21
Always Watching
Released 08.27.21
Dead Red Rose
Released 08.20.21
Sunsets On The Sand
Released 08.19.21
Go West Young Woman
Released 08.13.21
When The Rains Recede
Released 08.12.21
Urban Oasis
Released 06.06.21
Digging For Childhood Memories
Released 08.04.21
Summer Sunset Games
Released 07.29.21
From China, With Love
Released 07.28.21
Pool Monster – A Still
Released 07.27.21
Rainy Summer Days Remind Us Autumn Is On The Way
Released 07.22.21
1966 Ford F100
Released 07.21.21
The Calm Before The Storm
Released 07.16.21
Summer Sunsets
Released 07.13.21
Aquatic Blooms
Released 07.07.21
Rocket’s Red Glare, Bombs Bursting In Air
Released 07.04.21
Blood Red Rose
Released 06.30.21
Adventures Await (Path To The Sea 1)
Released 06.29.21
Come Sail Away
Released 06.28.21
Sunset On The Marsh
Released 06.27.21
Hungry Hungry Caterpillar
Released 06.25.21
Thalassophile's Rebel Yell
Released 06.15.21
Over The River & Through The Woods
Released 06.14.21
Rare Wild Drop Top Sighted In It's Natural Habitat
Released 06.13.21
Tree Of Life
Released 06.11.21
Armada On The Horizon
Released 06.10.21
Harbor Nights
Released 06.04.21
Hello Summer
Released 06.02.21
Never Forget
Released 05.31.21
Impossible Hand Trick
Released 05.28.21
Low Bridge, Coming Into Town
Released 05.24.21
Falling Into Darkness
Released 05.23.21
Into The Wide Open (Nature is Gorges Series #3)
Released 05.21.21
Through The Trees (Nature is Gorges Series #2)
Released 05.20.21
Gnarly Afternoon
Released 05.17.21
Dive Right In...
Released 05.16.21
Watching Over The Window Box
Released 05.14.21
Merry Clawmas (Feast Of Lobsterivity)
Released 05.13.21
River Rushing Into Fall
Released 05.12.21
Grassy Fields Forever
Released 05.11.21
Path To Paradise
Released 05.09.2121
Serpent In The Wood
Released 05.08.21
Spring Breakthrough
Released 05.07.21
Modern Day Dinosaur
Released 05.06.21
Heaven's Gate
Released 05.05.21
Footprints In The Sand
Released 05.04.21
Harbor Town USA
Released 05.03.21
Sunset Solitude
Released 05.02.21
Dark Angel
Released 05.01.21
Released 04.29.21
Butterfly Hunting
Released 04.26.21
Slammed the whole cup, while doing pull ups. Such a Chad...
Released 04.25.21
Drifting off at the beach
Released 04.24.21
Toes in the sand.
Released 04.23.21
Spring Break In America, 2021
Released 04.21.21
Spring Break In America, 2020
Released 04.18.21
It Was Such A Beautiful Bad Day
Released 04.17.21
Summer Sitting, Brownstone Delight
Released 04.14.21
Llama’s Who Lounge
Released 04.13.21
Nature is Gorges
Released 04.11.21
Life Cycle, Complete
Released 04.09.21
Childhood Blissssss...
Released 04.07.21
Victorious (Staring down death)
Released 04.06.21
Riding Into Oblivion
Released 04.05.21
Vineyard Camo
Released 04.04.21
Through the looking glass
Released 04.02.21
Deep (Blue) Thoughts
Released 04.01.21
Cotton Candy Skies
Released 03.31.21
Violently Vibrant Explosion
Released 03.30.21
Into The Woods…
Released 03.29.21
Death Grip
Released 03.28.21
Nothing but blue skies ahead...
Released 03.27.21